The main institutions involved in the promotion of Galician Language are the Royal Galician Academy (RAG), the Galician Language Institute (ILG), the Ramón Piñeiro Centre for Research in Humanities (CRPIH) and the Council for Galician Culture (CCG).

The Royal Galician Academy (RAG) is an institution dedicated to establish the rules of Galician Language. The act 3/1983 of 15 June, of the Linguistic Normalization Law sets as objectives the promulgation of grammar, phonetic rules as well as its spelling; the establishment of a standard lexicon and the elaboration of a Galician Usage Dictionary as well as the modernization and updating of lexicon. It is the job of the Academy to study and restore proper names, to fight for the rights of Galician as well as to provide advice to public powers and institutions on issues related to the right use of the language.

The Royal Galician Academy, which is one hundred years old, is currently chaired by Xesús Alonso Montero. Its firs president was Manuel Murguía.

The Galician Language Institute is a centre for linguistic research, dependent of the University of Santiago, which carries out a rigorous task on language in collaboration with the Royal Galician Academy. Its work touches different fields as lexicography, terminology, dialectology, onomastics, phonetics, sociolinguistics and history of the language. It is currently chaired by Ernesto X. González Seoane.

The Ramón Piñeiro Centre for Research in Humanities (CRPIH) depends on the Secretaría Xeral de Política Lingüística (General Secretariat of Linguistic Policy). It was created with the intention of developing studies on linguistics, history and anthropology. Its publications are guidelines in the academic and cultural field. It has Manuel González González as a scientific coordinator.

The Council for Galician Culture (CCG) was created as an advisory body by the Galician Government. It has since 1984 a research section on language. It is currently chaired by Ramón Villares Paz